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Helping kids & teens speak for themselves. Speech language therapy



Your first visit with a therapist from Speak Right Now, LLC will be your initial evaluation. Your therapist will go over intake forms. Then she will review information you provided in your consultation to arrange a battery of assessments, often a combination of “formal” (i.e. standardized tests) and “informal” (language sampling, discussing personal patient goals). 

Next, your therapist will work with you to determine:

  1. Whether or not there is a need for continued follow up services (i.e. your child’s speech or language abilities are below the normal range for his/her age)
  2. Treatment goals  (what do you want to accomplish by coming to therapy?)
  3. The estimated frequency and duration of treatment sessions it will take to meet the goals
  4. The treatment techniques and home exercises you will utilize to reach those goals

Once these questions are answered, you'll receive a report summarizing the above information and results of all assessments. This report can be sent via email or given to you upon your next visit.